How to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

Whether you are looking to live off the grid entirely or you just want to generate your own electricity, solar panels NYC, by your own means, you want to know the cheapest ways to go about doing this. These three are the most popular and the least expensive, and they work for any size property.

Wind power delivered from turbines is one inexpensive way to get electricity at home. These rely on pretty steady wind speeds in order to run. Be sure your home is central to plenty of steady winds for best results. You want to contact your local weather service to find what the average speeds are. When you know this, you can estimate how much electricity your turbines will give you.

The problem with turbines is if the wind stops blowing, you will not get any electricity generating to your home. Turbines have parts that require maintenance, too. If they are not cared for properly, they can fail. Still, with the right amount of wind, you are going to be able to get the right of electricity to your home for years.

If turbines are not good for your home’s topographical location, you might consider solar power. Today, there are many opportunities to get solar panels installed relatively inexpensively. You can even get tax credits for them. The only downside is that they are more expensive than turbines and the other form of inexpensive electricity discussed below.

The panels do not require much maintenance, as turbines might, but you still have the issue of needing the sun to power your electricity. If the sun does not shine, you cannot get power. For now, it seems that while solar panels will give a return on their investment over time, they are the most cost prohibitive of the least expensive means to power a home.

One other alternative for cheap electricity to your home is micro-hydro electricity. This works with the power of a stream of water or another body of water. Like the wind, if your home in not near a steady stream of water, you cannot get good results in any form this form of electric power. It is the least expensive, however.

The way in which this works is by producing energy from the water flowing from a high level to a low level. This power goes through its own turbine which rests at the end of the system. What is great about micro-hydro systems is that it can deliver about 100 times more power than wind will.

If you have a steady source of water, you can expect to get electricity delivered every single hour of every day. There are fewer batteries needed to store your energy, too.

Choosing to live off the grid or by using your own means of electric power is freeing. While some methods still cost money, in the long run, all three of these are essentially much more inexpensive than the traditional way. They also make use of renewable energy sources.