Our advice for learning Spanish for free

Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries in the world! Good news, there is no limit age to learn Spanish.

So what are you waiting for to learn this warm and joyful language?

Whether you want to travel independently in Mexico, Guatemala or Peru, translate the lyrics of Shakira’s songs or take advantage of Pedro Almodovar’s films in their original version, there are many motivations.

Focus on free sites that allow you to learn this language without paying a dime!

Some websites offer level tests to take stock of achievements and gaps, there are multiple choice of grammar, vocabulary or conjugation levels.

Many course files are available as the difference between ser and estar, adjectives, subjunctive, etc. Each Spanish course consists of the illustrated rule of small characters, examples and an exercise with multiple answers.

Those sites to learn Spanish for free also hosts a forum that allows learners to speak with teachers, native Spanish or bilingual Spanish. Good tips, mnemonics and advice in Spanish are legion.

 A site to learn Spanish for free focused on culture: duolingo.com

This site is aimed at both beginners and apprentices in Spanish with an average level. It has the advantage of plunging surfers into the bath, talking about the culture, the traditions but also the people who make and live the Spanish culture.

The principle is simple: read in Spanish to discover the culture of the 20 Castilian-speaking countries in the world. The reading of Spanish news accessible for free serves as a base for learning Spanish vocabulary, syntax, conjugation, etc.

An audio part is available for each article read which allows to work the ear and the pronunciation of the Spanish. Thus, the Spanish-speaking apprentice works both oral and written.

Work your Spanish vocabulary for free with VocBox

VocBox.com is a free vocabulary tool based on the Leitner system. It is necessary to repeat the Spanish words to obtain maps and to acquire the terms in its vocabulary.

We can add lists of words and phrases, linked to magazines and sponsors, but users can themselves create lists of words and phrases in Spanish according to their own interests.

To check the comprehension and the memorization of the Spanish vocabulary, VocBox proposes tests to follow the evolution of each student Internet.

Why not start right now with the list of words and phrases related to salsa? All you have to do is choose who to ask the following question: Quieres bailar conmigo? (You want to dance with me ?)

Meet Spaniards for free Spanish lessons

Remember that the regular practice of a foreign language is essential to not lose the benefit of your Spanish classes, online or face-to-face with a particular teacher.

Learn to speak Spanish quickly with Loecsen

The site www.loecsen.com focuses on speed of learning and is distinguished by its practical travel guide. It is aimed at all Internet users who want to learn Spanish without getting their hands on the wallet, but especially for anyone planning a trip to Spain or Latin America.

The principle is simple: expressions of everyday life are proposed to photograph their spelling and pronunciation and quizzes to test their memorization.

Mp3 and pdf files are partially accessible in free mode. They contain conversation phrases in English and Spanish, rather useful to start speaking Spanish simply without paying a dime.